How To Online Business Clothes For Beginners Without Capital To Succeed


Nowadays many people try to sell online and the products that are most in demand are clothes. But some of them still haven’t started selling online because they don’t know how to do online clothing business

Clothes are one of the most sought-after products and are in great demand in online stores. Therefore, many online shops are taking advantage of this as an opportunity to sell clothes.

Before you start doing online clothing business, you should pay attention to the following things:

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1. Learn the basics of online business

When you want to sell clothes online, you should learn the basics of online business. Without having the knowledge and ability to do business online, you will find it difficult to face difficulties in running an online business.

You have to learn how to sell on the internet and also have an online marketing strategy.

2. Mastering the product to be sold

It is no less important when you are starting an online business, then mastering the products offered.

Don’t let when you start selling you don’t master the product so you don’t explain the product to consumers.

You must know about the strengths and weaknesses of the product when compared to other similar products.

3. Know how to serve consumers well

One of the skills that you must master is knowing how to serve customers well.

You must be able to serve consumers well, from their questions, fast delivery processes, paying attention to consumers to how to deal with consumer complaints.

Customer satisfaction will certainly improve the reputation of your online store and of course buyers will provide good testimonials.

How to online business clothes for beginners

One of the advantages of selling clothes online is that you can set prices flexibly. The owner can determine the price easily because the clothes products cannot be compared between one online store and another online store.

Therefore, online shop owners can increase or decrease the price according to the model being sold. In addition, the current clothing models continue to grow so that online business will never die.

1. Choose a product

online clothing shop business

The first thing to do when you start an online clothing business is to have a product. To have a product, you can use the following methods:

Selling self-produced clothes

Looking for clothes that are sold in the market and then resold

Become a dropship or reseller

Selling self-produced clothes

Making your own product is the most effective way to get goods and also get bigger profits.

But for beginners, producing their own clothes requires more time because they have to be able to determine their own clothes designs. After the production of clothes has been completed, they must think of ways to build a sales network and also the target market to be targeted.

You can hire a tailor to make your clothes and make a brand for your own product.

Both of these things must run simultaneously because if one does not run imperfectly it will hinder the development of your online clothing business.

Therefore selling clothes with your own production should be avoided by beginners because the process is so long and takes a long time …

Looking for clothes that are sold in the market and then resold

To get selling clothes, you can get them from the market. You can search for clothes that are trending and then resell them online.

You can get clothes at low prices in Tanah Abang market, Senen market or the nearest markets in your area.

Get clothes by becoming a reseller or dropship

The most popular way to sell clothes online is to become a reseller or dropship. this is because becoming a reseller or dropship does not require too much capital. In addition, by becoming a reseller or dropship, you will avoid the risk of large losses.

However, selling clothes by becoming a reseller or dropship has several drawbacks that you must face. By becoming a reseller or dropship, you have no knowledge of the products you are selling and you cannot control the quality that you sell.

Therefore, if you want to become a reseller or dropship, you must really choose a trusted agent or distributor.

2. Choosing a marketing medium

clothes online business

After having a product, the second step you have to do is choose a marketing medium to get your business online.

Some of the marketing media that are often used by internet marketers are social media, email marketing, blogs or websites, etc.

For those of you who are just starting an online business, you can use various free online media that are widely available on the internet.

Social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are free online marketing media that you can maximize. If you already have a website or blog, all the social media you have must be directed to your website.

Another free online marketing medium that you can use is the Marketplace. Marketplaces such as Tokopedia, Olx and Bukalapak are the easiest ways to market your products.

In fact, you can open an online store for free and easily on this marketplace.

3. Manage your online business cash flow properly

how to dress online business for beginners

You must pay attention to your online business cash flow management and measure it. You can make cash flow calculations that are simple but still measurable.

By knowing and calculating cash flow, you can find out your profit and can also help develop a strategy for your online business.

Many beginner online business people forget and don’t calculate their cash flow so that their business just runs without development.