Rideshare car accidents: Who pays for the damage?

Ridesharing services have helped people looking for safe and easy transport to reach their destination. We all have traveled in a rideshare one in our life. But have you ever wondered what happens if the car gets into an accident? Who would be held liable for the crash? Who will pay for the damage and medical bills? However, it would be best if you were particular about consultingĀ auto accident attorneys Virginia Beach.

In Virginia, car accident laws are different and involved from the rest of the states. Since it’s difficult to establish who is liable for the car crash in rideshare vehicles, one must seek professional lawyers’ help.

Law in Virginia for Auto Accident

 Unlike most other states in the U.S, Virginia has a contributory negligence rule to determine the at-fault party. Meaning, if anyone involved in the auto accident is proved to be even slightly negligent, he/she will be accounted for contributing to the accident. In such instances, the victim will not get any compensation for the damages.

In most auto accidents involving rideshare passengers, the passengers remain unaffected by the contributory negligence rule. However, there are instances where rideshare passengers unknowingly contribute to the accident. In case one is found grabbing the steering wheel, distracting the driver, or other such things, they will be denied monetary compensation.

Who covers rideshare passenger bills and damages?

Like most other personal injury cases, not all rideshare auto accident lawsuits go to the court. Your auto accident lawyer Virginia Beach might be able to get you an out-of-the-court-settlement.

If you get injured in an auto accident when sharing a ride, chances are, the insurance company will settle it. If you are looking after your case on your own, you must figure out which insurance company will cover your damages and medical bills. The circumstances of the accident and the relationship shared between the driver and the ridesharing app provider play a crucial in determining whose insurance company will pay the compensation for damage.

In auto accident cases involving rideshare drivers and passengers, rideshare company doesn’t always employ the driver. Thus, it’s upon the driver to get car insurance and maintain it. In Virginia State, the drivers must have updated insurance coverage for accidents, bodily injuries to each party involved in the crash, and property damage.

Besides this, rideshare drivers are covered by the service providers through commercial coverage. 

Commercial coverage is applicable for accidents that happen when rideshare driver is engaged in rideshare app.

But what if the rideshare driver didn’t cause the accident? What happens when the other party is held accountable for the crash? In such circumstances, the injured passenger can seek compensation from an at-fault driver’s insurance company.

While the drivers must hold updated insurance, not all drivers comply with the rule. In a situation where the at-fault driver is uninsured, you can seek compensation for your damages from the rideshare company’s insurance.

Car crashes are not only physically painful, but they are emotionally traumatic. From managing expensive medical bills to handling the exhausting lawsuit, one can’t go through this without professional assistance. Besides this, negotiating with the insurance company is easy said than done. Thus, it’s always beneficial to rely on auto accident attorneys Virginia Beach who have professional qualifications and expertise in negotiating with insurance adjusters. With professionals working for you, you can focus on recovering from your injuries.